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Global Packaging Industry Development Trends

The new packaging and processing one-stop multi-application solution display platform – Shanghai World of Packaging, will be held on November 17-20, 2015 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. “One-stop sourcing platform tailored for professional buyers with the best synergies” is a concept that aims to showcase the global packaging industry trends and latest technologies, and provide customers with the latest intelligent automation solutions to help companies improve their development. Strategy to enhance future value.

The Complying with the market’s one-stop demand for multiple applications and four synergy and synergies. In recent years, the demand for terminal-oriented, advanced, environmentally friendly packaging materials and advanced and automated packaging technologies has increasingly emerged. Among them, the influence and discourse power in various aspects of packaging More and more improved. The Packaging World (Shanghai) Expo consists of four professional industry exhibitions, not only for the printing and packaging industry, but also for the terminal production and application industries, especially in the processing and packaging applications of food, medicine, beverages, dairy products, cosmetics, and daily chemicals. The package companies and end product manufacturers provide one-stop packaging and processing solutions to build a “big and special” communication platform. The

Exhibition 1: PacPro Asia 2015 International Packaging Materials Manufacturing and Processing Industry Exhibition

End-user buyers are increasingly demanding packaging materials and are increasingly demanding raw material performance. PacPro Asia has received strong support from drupa, K, interpack and glasstec in the world leading exhibition of printing, plastics, processing and packaging and glass industry. Support will focus on the display of advanced technologies and equipment for the production and processing of various packaging materials, as well as various packaging materials such as paper, plastics, metals, wood, ceramics and textiles, with a focus on green packaging materials and technologies. Exhibits: Packaging materials production and processing machinery, packaging materials, container manufacturing machinery, solid packaging equipment machinery, liquid packaging equipment machinery, packaging and printing and paper packaging product processing equipment, packaging labeling technology, sustainable packaging solutions and process innovation , measurement, detection and control technologies and software. The

Exhibition 2: CHINA-PHARM 2015 China International Pharmaceutical (Cosmetics) Industry Exhibition and Technology Exchange Conference

CHINA-PHARM was founded in 1996 and is held every year. This year coincides with the 20th anniversary celebration. After 20 years of meticulous cultivation and careful organization, CHINA-PHARM has now developed into an excellent professional event in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries in Asia. Over the years, it has played a very important role in trade and communication in the industry and has worked with industry colleagues to promote the development of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry. CHINA-PHARM 2015 will focus on innovative ideas and cutting-edge solutions for pharmaceutical production machinery and technology. At the same time, a number of seminars were held at the exhibition site to discuss the government’s supervision of the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics sector, including the China Pharmaceutical Engineering Annual Conference, the China Pharmaceutical Packaging and Pharmaceutical Excipients Supervision and Technology Innovation Conference, and the China International Cosmetics (Industry) Forum. Wait. In order to cooperate with the government’s supervision of the cosmetics industry and industry upgrades, CHINA-PHARM not only added a cosmetics forum to the forum held during the same period, but also added new cosmetics related fields. The
Exhibits: pharmaceutical equipment, accessories and packaging materials, cosmetics, analytical testing and other pharmaceutical machinery, technology and packaging materials.

Exhibition 3: FoodPex 2015 China International Food Processing and Packaging Technology and Equipment Exhibition

The current food safety is a hot spot in society and attracts much attention. Chinese consumers are increasingly demanding food quality and hygiene. In recent years, government regulators have revised new food safety regulations and increased enforcement efforts. Food processing and packaging companies need to update their technologies and equipment, and increase traceability and labelling in packaging. Investment in technology will also give rise to a large number of business opportunities in modern packaging technology and materials, processing and filling systems, as well as detection, safety and disposal systems. Exhibits: food packaging machinery and technology, food processing machinery and technology, inspection and weighing equipment, food safety technology, food preservation equipment and technology, garbage disposal and disinfection equipment. The

Exhibition 4: BulKPex 2015 International Packaging Machinery & Technology Exhibition

As a new business economic model, e-commerce has a strong vitality. Its rapid development led to the innovation of the transaction method, especially the change of the circulation model, which brought with it the needs of packaging, transportation, identification and traceability solutions. Therefore, BulkPex will address the special needs of the Asian market for the transportation and logistics sectors, exhibit the latest technologies and equipment for the entire batch of packaging and secondary packaging, and will also exhibit mechanical equipment as well as label and cargo tracking systems. Exhibits: Packaging and merchandise identification equipment, bulk packaging equipment, bulk packaging containers, automated/smart packaging solutions, packaging and secondary packaging machinery and equipment, and online shopping goods distribution packaging materials and equipment. The

Big internationalization Strength

Swop Packaging World (Shanghai) Expo is the leading, high-level, international packaging exhibition in Asia. The organizers are strong and swop is jointly sponsored by the China Food and Drugs International Exchange Center (CCFDIE), Düsseldorf Exhibitions (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Adsale, and the German Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers Association (VDMA). ) The Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association, the Plastics and Rubber Machinery Association, and the Printing and Paper Technology Association jointly support each other to create the international and high quality of SWOP. The

Currently exhibiting countries and regions pavilions: Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States, Turkey, Taiwan, France, South Korea and so on. Among them, the VDMA’s three branches of food processing and packaging, plastics and printing will organize a large-scale exhibition of German official pavilions.


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