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Home > Weighing &Printing &Labeling > LLM-100 Vertical Round bottle Fixed-point labeling machine

Technical Feature:
(1)Applicable to high-precision whole curved surface, the obverse, reverse sides (double-labeling) and fix-point labeling on rotundities as well as tapered ones from medicine, food, daily use chemical and other industries;
(2) Advanced touch human-computer interface which is easy and intuitionistic to operate and has complete functions including abundant online help;
(3)unique three-point fix to bottle body, avoiding labeling it on the skew due to the irregular bottom or the bottle body out of plumb when uses a straight line labeling machine, which ensures a precise, artistic and close-knit labeling work;
(4) Automatic photoelectric detection functions, such as cancelling labeling without objects there, stopping running or raising an alarm without labels to use to avoid omitting or wasting labels;
(5) simple and compact machine construction that is easy to operate and maintain.

Model / technical parameters LLM-100
Labeling speed (pcs/min) 20-30pcs/min (relate to material and label size)
Labeling accuracy(mm) ±1.0mm (material and label sizes are not counted in)
Label size(mm) (L)20-300mm   (H)10-144mm
Material size(mm)  φ40-φ100mm   (H)30-200mm
Roll inside(mm) φ76mm
Roll outer side diameter(mm)  (Max)Φ350mm
Machine size (mm) (L)2000*(W)1050*(H)1600(mm)
Power supply AC220V 50Hz/60Hz  1500W
Working pressure   0.4-0.6Mpa

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